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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Data from the latest Pew Internet Survey say a lot about the demographics of internet users
Utah State University is using Zope to host this Open Learning Support site that serves seven courses from MIT's OpenCourseWare intiative.  The site was announced by OSLO last week. 

A University of Illinois team seems to be making progress in turning pig manure to crude oil.  This would be a boon to Millard County, Utah which is home to a huge (and growing) hog farm industry.

Dave Tufte of Southern Utah University points out several good econ blogs (1 2 3).  I expect to see a growing number of political blogs over the next few months such as electionprojection.com.  The CyberJournalist reports that the Republican National Committee has purchased ads on over 1,400 news and information websites.  I have been wondering how that would improve our traffic on Utah.gov.

The Ask Phil Forum has an interesting discussion on the merits of PHP vs. Java for large websites.  We've been having that same debate in the Utah Division of Information Technology Services.

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The University of Utah Health Sciences Library uses Movable Type to provide this RSS feed entitled Bringing Health Information to the Community (BHIC).  There is a new Health Sciences Education Building under construction.  The University has been working with the Utah Dept. of Health to put over 200 health information brochures online in 24 different languages.  Many of these include audio recordings in multiple formats.  It is nice to see more scientific and health journals moving to open online access.  ehp online is one of the latest to publish their material openly.  It is hosted by the National Institutes of Health.
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