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Thursday, April 15, 2004

ZDNet reports that over 60% of federal tax funds filed to date have been filed electronic.  That's good news, but not unexpected.  IBM's Marianne Cooper then puts in a plug for more and better e-government services.  Personally, I efiled my state and federal returns on March 20th this year.  My federal return was accepted on the 21st and my state return was accepted on March 22nd.  My federal refund was deposited into my bank account on April 2nd, while I have yet to see anything from the state return - so the turnaround on the federal return was 12 days while the state return is 24 days and counting.  I think it was faster last year, but I filed at the end of January.

I subscribe to the IRS' email list and here's their most recent report on this year's numbers:

Through April 9, home computer use for e-filing topped 11.8 million, up 20 percent  from the same period last year. This is just 150,000 short of the number for the entire calendar year of 2003.

The Free File program reached 2.9 million returns, which breaks last year's total of 2.8 million returns. Overall, Free File is 22 percent ahead of the same period last year. Free File, a free e-filing service offered by private companies, is available by visiting IRS.gov.

Tax professionals also filed more than 36.6 million returns electronically, an 11.8 percent increase from last year.

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