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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The 2004 Milken Technology Index is online.  You will have to register to gain access.  While Massachussetts and California sit at the top of the index, Utah remains in the top ten for at least the third consecutive year.  The index measures things like R&D, Risk Capital & Entrepreneurial Assets, Tech & Science Workforce, Technology Concentration and Human Capital Capacity.  The report makes some important observations at a time when states, and in fact the U.S. as a whole, are struggling to maintain a competitive advantage.  It points out that public policy is an important input in the creation of a high-tech ecosystem.  The report makes an important observation in stating that although university-based R&D is important, it becomes even more significant when there is a high level of interaction between university R&D and other elements of the economic environment.  With institutions like Harvard and MIT, Massachussetts far surpasses anyone else in this category.  Although Utah scored relatively well in all categories, it did particularly well in the area of technology concentration and dynamism, ranking first in the number of Inc. 500 companies per 10,000 business establishments.

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