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Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Legislature has gone home.  Utah's 45-day exercise in democracy is over for another year.  With respect to technology, they passed a revised Senate bill 66 which reduces the negative impact on UTOPIA from what was originally envisioned.  They passed HB36, the E-911 bill which allocates some money for GIS development and creates a structure to manage E-911 issues in the state.  The put some additonal restrictions on the Division of Information Technology Services.  The passed a bill mandating agency participation in our Utah Business Portal.  They also passed the Government Internet Information Privacy Act.  The name of the Utah Telehealth Commission has been changed to the Utah Digital Health Service.  They are establishing the Child Protection Registry.  The RFID bill died, but this Spyware bill passed.  None of the bills that would have halted Utah's participation in MATRIX passed, so that will be left to the Governor's task force.

Salt Lake County posted a new homeland security site.

HUD has launched the Seniors Housing Information Center.

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