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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The Davis County Clipper reviews Utah's new online service for applying for state jobs.

Utah County's Omniture is supporting the Kelly Blue Book online service.  Online tools like Kelley and Edmunds can be very helpful for government fleet and surplus property managers.

Utah-based Zions Bank ranks as the top bank internet site for regional banks with assets between $15 billon and $25 billion according to a recent study.

Another article in the Deseret News makes insinuations about MATRIX involvement.

Utah's elections office website now offers URLs and email addresses for 2004 candidates.  Governor Walker's official website launch date is set for March 24th, the day after caucus meetings.

Former Utah CIO, Phil Windley, is quoted extensively in the current issue of Public CIO magazine (not yet online):

"Security is a part of the architecture, but there's more to digital identity management than throwing up a defensive perimeter and walls...  A good [identity management] infrastructure allows an organization to proactively associate with partners and give them the things they need to do their work.  It allows an organization to interface with customers in a friendly, knowing way."

Another article about adoption rates focuses on Utah's eGov experience:

"For all its digital government successes, Utah has one big problem: Citizens aren't exactly beating down the door to shift to the digital channel.  Take auto registration renewals... three years after this online transaction was rolled out, only 12 percent of Utah's auto registration renewals are conducted online."

According to the article, Utah's 12 percent adoption rate is the highes in the country for vehicle registrations.  On the other hand, Utah offers some online services that have adoption rates exceeding 50 percent, including its online job referal service which supported over a million self-referrals in its first 9 months.  We will be having our monthly eGovernment Product Management Council meeting this month, so I will probably spend some time discussing this article and the imperative from Val Oveson:

"We need to get to the point where the level of adoption is high enough to either eliminate the lines or reduce them enough so we can take people working the counter or opening the mail and reassign them."

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The Nielsen/Net Ratings identify Japan's top weblogs / blog services:

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