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Thursday, March 18, 2004

A UPI article examines the cyberwar that is taking place on the internet.  We are impacted by it everyday.  We installed MT blacklist yesterday to ward off the comment spam that had infiltrated the MT stuff that we are using to generate RSS feeds for production services.

"A global assault for control of millions of computers is occurring," Steven Sundermeier, said. "This appears to be a war for power and seniority among these authors."

According to another article in the Detroit News, the annual cost in software and lost productivity related to spam is between 10 and 87 billion dollars.

Bruce Schneier provides his monthly Crypto-Gram newsletter as an RSS feed.

Public Technology also recently published an analysis of global digital warfare.

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The BLM has vanished from cyberspace.  It seems ridiculous, but court orders have shut down not only the BLM internet presence, but the entire Department of the Interior.  Althought the sites were also shut down for several months in 2001, this latest action by Judge Royce Lamberth in Washington has huge ramifications, particularly in a state like Utah where the majority of the land is owned by BLM.  This is like saying we're going to shut down all government facilities around the country because one of them has been shown to have inadequate physical security.  There should be a public outcry.

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