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Friday, March 26, 2004

In an attempt to diagram Utah's enterprise architecture, we can look at the overall architecture like this:

Each of the layers can easily be broken down into a more detailed look.  For example, the business layer looks something like this:

The application layer at the enterprise level is comprised of a large suite of applications that cut across the entire enterprise:

These applications are built on a data and infrastructure layer that reside mainly in two central data centers, a primary and alternate site.  The alternate site was built with the concept of redundancy and business recovery in mind and is geographically remote from the central data center.  A robust, redundant wide area network connects the two centers with network users / state facilities.  Here is a look at the data layer:

Finally, the technical infrastructure looks something like this:

All of these resources which extend across the enterprise provide a foundation upon which we can build (and have built to some extent) an extensive set of user applications using a service oriented architectural model to integrate where necessary, data and services in boundless ways, particularly as we combine enterprise level data and services with the abundance of data that reside at the agency level.  This will drive us to integrated government (igov).

thanks to Bob Woolley for help with strategic design

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