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Friday, March 05, 2004

Ethan Zuckerman's essay, "Making Room for the Third World in the Second Superpower" is an interesting piece on the future of social networks.

San Luis Province in Argentina has developed a very nice gateway onto the information highway (Autopista de la informacion).

What would you expect to see for egovernment in Papua New Guinea?  Take a look.

John Robb has a different take on The Second Superpower:

"An amalgam of transnational terrorism and crime is the dark underbelly of the second superpower.  If so, how big is its economy?  Estimates are that transnational crime and terrorist organizations generate between $1.5 and $2 trillion a year..."

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The Utah Department of Natural Resources unveiled a new look to their website yesterday.

While you're there, the Division of Wildlife Resources has published the Winter edition of the Wildlife Review which includes the annual report on habitat.

The Utah Geologic Survey (UGS) has put more of their public information series online, including this report on the Wasatch Fault as well as the latest edition of Survey Notes magazine.

Utah's national parks are a favorite destination each spring.  The USGS has developed 3D tours featuring park geology of some of the favorites including:

The National Map Viewer has made some incredible enhancements since I last visited.  You really need to drill down and experiment with some of the layers to get the full impact of what they have accomplished.

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