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Thursday, July 3, 2003

More About IX1

Pete and I had fun working on the IX1 conference today. We met with Perry Hacker (yes, this is his real name and no, he isn't a computer "hacker") from the conference services staff at the University of Utah. He gave us some ideas about running the conference. We also confirmed that all of the facilities we need are available for September 24th and 25th, 2003.

We also took a tour of the facilities. Perry gave a choice of several different sites. In the end we settled on using the Officers' Club at Fort Douglas. This is a great building in a great setting. Pete and I are very excited about this venue. As we left the Officers' Club Pete turned to me and said that he had envisioned the conference being in a typical setting. This space has character and will lend a touch of that character to the IX1 conference. We also reserved the theater. This is a 260 seat facility that will allow us to have a private film screening on the evening of the 24th. Now all we have to do is settle on a film that most of us will enjoy.

Pete and I also contacted Tom West and he will be giving the Plenary address on Network Access (first mile). Tom works for CENIC in California and gave the "Gigabit or Bust" presentation at the recent Quilt meeting. We're pleased and excited to have Tom's commitment.

Pete has the IX1 website on line. Check it out when you get a chance. There is a call for presentations and some other good stuff. More information will follow soon.

We are still looking for panelist for all focus areas including SECURITY, ACCESS, PEERING and developments in NEXT GENERATION NETWORKS. We are also still working on speakers for the SECURITY and NEXT GEN Plenary sessions. If you have ideas please let us know.

Steve Hess will be giving the Conference Closing Address and Governor Leavitt will get the conference going.

Those traveling from out of town or needing lodging can do so through the Guest House on the University of Utah campus. The rate if booked prior to September 1st is $59.00. After September 1st the rate goes up to $69.00. Also, the rate is good for up to one week before or after the conference. The Guest House telephone number is 801.587.1000.

I'm very excited about the conference. We already have commitments form some great speakers. The site is going to be a great addition. And we also have the support of a great program committee. There is still plenty to do, but at least the early planning is going well.........
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