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Daily Permalink Friday, May 02, 2003

Just in case that wasn't clear, I'm very honored that Eric likes me. I'll try to give more tidbits about the belly of the beast. First, gotta move. Wow, now my head won't fit through the door. Hey, Maryam, come and call me some names or something. See ya Monday!

Eric Norlin needs a life. He says that I have the most interesting weblog right now. Dang, just in time for me to take a few days off away from the weblog world.

Did you know that Forgent is suing companies (like NEC) claiming it holds rights to JPEG?

Here's my inane weblogger post for the day: Posting will be light to non-existent here for the next few weeks. This weekend we're off to watch Jennifer Brucker get married. Then more packing. Then on May 6 we go to Redmond. Then May 12 I start my new job. Obviously a lot of living will be crammed into the next 10 days.

A friend asked me "how come bloggers are ignoring the SCO lawsuit that claims that IBM and Redhat incorporated code that SCO had done?" I didn't have an answer.

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