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Daily Permalink Monday, May 19, 2003

A few people have been posting comments and sending me email telling me that the Google "languages" are by design. I think they are great. I was just passing along something I saw in the newsgroup. I gotta get the O'Reilly book "Google Hacks." I was leafing through it in Matt Carter's office the other day (keeping up on the competition, huh Matt? -- Matt works for MSPress) and it looked like a fun book.

I hear that a few Microsoft and Sun Microsystems employees are meeting near Redmond on Wednesday night. I'm planning on going too.

Hey, my coworker and mentor, Jeff Sandquist, has started a blog on Radio UserLand. When I told Jeff that getting pointed out as a "Microsoft blogger" on my site would get his weblog listed on Mary Jo Foley's list of Microsoft bloggers, he answered "I plan to keep my weblog mostly about begonias." Jeff's on the same team I am. Responsible for Longhorn evangelism. If you come to the PDC, you'll meet us.

Joseph Jones has released TabletBlogger. Cool, but can I have the source code so I can make it work with Radio UserLand?

As posted in a private newsgroup: if you goto and select preferences; use the pulldown menu to change the language ...

I'm sure

bork, bork, bork

Elmer Fudd



etc are not supposed to be there ;o)

I hear that NewsGator is gonna get upgraded soon with the ability to post from within Outlook. If you use Outlook, this is a killer RSS news aggregator. I just might switch.

Joel Spolsky is fed up with software prototyping. I'm off to buy the book he recommends.

What a glorious day. It's the first morning I've been able to see Mount Rainier from Redmond. Wow.

This weekend saw the Scoble's playing tourist. We went to Snoqualamie Falls (thanks for the link). Both Persian restaurants in the area. The locks. A small dirt road somewhere near the summit. Cocktails with drinkboy at the ZigZag bar. Hope your weekend was as productive (and, thanks for all the great recommendations, keep them coming!).

By the way, I liked it all.

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