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Daily Permalink Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Loren Heiny has one of my favorite weblogs. Maybe that's cause Loren writes a lot about the Tablet. I'm starting to really play around with my new Toshiba. It's ironic, but at NEC I never had a Tablet to play with long-term, so I never really got to push it around. I'm finding I'm changing the way I work. I take notes in ink now, not on keyboard. I also prototype in ink. I think better in ink.

Dan Gillmor asked Google co-founder Sergey Brin if there were plans to segregate weblog content from the main search engine. Answer? No plans.

Clickz: "What if you created a blog and no one came?" What bullpucky.

The reason no one is coming is cause you don't link much to other webloggers (and there certainly have been a few that have interesting things to say about travel). How do you get to be authoritative? You link to other people's work on the topic.

Now, how many links does Jared's weblog have to other webloggers? Go ahead and count. I'll wait.

Guess where I spend a great deal of my weblogging time? Yes, in my referer list. If you don't point to me, you won't get listed there, and I won't visit you. If I don't visit you, I won't link to you.

See, here's another example of the "corporate types" coming in and trying to make weblogging work for them. Hey, I do have to hand it to Jared. Google's ads do work if you find the right search terms.

Personally, I don't judge my weblog by how many people are reading. If I played that game, I'd just go work for the Register or Slashdot. I'd far prefer to have quality readers.

Oh, and by linking to other webloggers in your weblog, you will get a pretty high percentage of them to link to you. Which helps out your Googlejuice so you don't need to pay for those ads anymore.

Of course, he learned another way to get webloggers to link to him: write about weblogging. That technique is gonna get fewer and fewer results as time goes along.

The Inquirer: "John Carmack may have done more damage to NVIDIA's low-end budget video lineup then the entire tech recession of the past three years combined when he uttered the (paraphrased) sentence: "Do not buy a GeForce4 MX to play Doom 3.""

Geek Dinner in Seattle/Bellevue tonight. Maryam and I will be there at about 6:30. I don't see that there was an official time set, though. Anyone with better info? Let us know.

Dave's new search software is cool. But, it's down right now cause Google doesn't like having more than 1000 visits.

I see the Visio team has been busy adding new features for businesses. Including the ability to visualize data in the most common diagram types that support the principal quality control systems, Six Sigma, ISO 9000 and TQM.

Oh, Microsoft execs are coming into the weblog world now. Here's Eric Rudder. He's a senior Vice President. He's also my boss' boss' boss. Or something like that. So far, not much to see, but hopefully he'll take us on a tour of the executive offices in a way that hasn't been done publicly yet.

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