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Daily Permalink Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Scott Hanselman: "The Myth of .NET Purity."

Dan Shafer talks about blog headline writing and stuff. Good things to remember. Of course, I just say the hell with headlines. And I bury my leads all the time. Why? Cause I'm too lazy to move them to the top!

What keeps me working hard at Microsoft? Headlines like this one from Internet Week: "Enterprises Considering Microsoft Alternatives, Gartner says."

Rob Howard talks about a meeting he had with Bill Gates. Interesting stuff. I need to learn to take better notes myself. I've already been in more meetings than I had in a traditional week at NEC.

You know, sometimes I cringe at the PR that Microsoft manufactures for itself. Consider the iLoo story, er hoax, er story, er...

Richard Bennett: "The media establishment has told us that responsible news organizations are more reliable than the blogs because of all these editors and fact-checkers, but who seriously believes that a blogger doing what Blair did could have survived more than a few months without being caught out? I sure don't."

Yeah, I found that link over at Glenn Reynold's Instapundit.

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