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Daily Permalink Tuesday, May 06, 2003

OK, I really am outta here now. Promise. Next post from Seattle.

Paul Thurrott: First Look at Longhorn Graphics.

Now you know, Paul, what I meant by saying that the world is gonna be 3D in the future and now we know why NVidia's parking lot is busy on weekends.

OK, I gotta go and pack and buy my tickets for the Matrix. Join us in Seattle's Cinerama for the 11:15 p.m. show on Saturday, May 17.

Scott Johnson has another anti-Windows rant. He's the guy who does Feedster, the very cool RSS search engine.

Yes, Doc, you are welcome at my house anytime. You're even allowed to evangelize me on Linux. :-)

It's funny, I've been getting three questions from folks when they find out I'm going to Seattle. 1) Can you get me a job too? 2) Can you get me some software from the company store? 3) Can you get me on the beta?

Well, betas and cheap software are hard. But, jobs are easy. They are all listed at I will always try to help anyone who emails me, though.

Oh, yes, I am still working on learning C#. Learned about enums and now onto other fun stuff.

I agree with Marc Canter that it's nice to see images on blogs. I've had my digital camera about 10 months now. In those 10 months I've taken 4600 images. All of them are 2.5MB. I sure wish I had an easy and inexepensive way to share those with you. That'll be one of my projects when I get to Microsoft. Digital photography must get easier.

Marc Canter says that Longhorn doesn't have him bummed out. He'll just build a new mesh.

I'm gonna try to sneak a few posts in here before my wife notices I'm not packing and before the DSL line gets shut off.

I see Doc Searls is freaked out about the new stuff in Longhorn (the next version of Microsoft's Windows). Ahh, it's fun to watch people start to realize that this is not a minor little upgrade.

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