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Daily Permalink Saturday, May 17, 2003

We're outta here to meet webloggers for dinner at 8 p.m. tonight in Seattle. Then onto see the Matrix Reloaded. For me, it's really reloaded, it's the second time I'll see it.

While we're talking about Iranian Restaurants, Maryam has an inate ability to sniff out other Iranians. She found one (her name is Auzeen and she's a bagger at the PFC store in Redmond) in the grocery store today and Auzeen recommended The Caspian Grill Persian Cuisine in Seattle. I searched Google for this one too, and couldn't find anything on it except for this listing. Auzeen says it's a lot better than the restaurant we tried last night in Redmond and that her dad takes her there every Friday night.

Who knew I was gonna become the Web's expert on Persian cuisine in Seattle so quickly, huh?

OK, Chris Pirillo, I found a coffee place that blows away Peets. It's Victors in Redmond. Unfortunately, it only has one location and you gotta come up and see me to check it out.

Don Park has some ideas for how webloggers can help Google could clean up its index.

Geek alert: the Pringles factory has been destroyed by a tornado. This factory is responsible for about 1% of Procter and Gamble's sales. Expect Pringles shortages by summer.

Dave claims that Andy over at the Register made up the whole "Google is getting rid of Weblogs" thing.

Dave, I'm pretty sure that Andy did NOT make this up. It's much more nefarious than that. I have my sources on this too who've asked me not to reveal who they are.

Google is getting a lot of pressure from its advertisers to "devalue" webloggers and push them down. The fact that when you search for "NEC Tablet" and you find me, for instance, might really piss off NEC. Since NEC advertises on Google, Google has more reason to listen to them than it does to listen to me.

I'm hearing that Andy had good sources inside Google. I think they used him to push a "trial balloon" out into the community and see what would happen. They hung him out to dry.

There's a lot of politics, I'm sure, being played behind the scenes that never get reported. Too bad we can't have true transparency in these stories. I hate stories that go to press based on anonymous sources, but in reality, that's often how stories break and the truth gets told.

Andy has tapped into a large movement of "anti-weblogger ferver." There are a lot of them out there, believe me. It's just a natural cycle to go through. Weblogs have gotten a lot of hype. Now it's time for the anti-hype cycle to happen. No biggie. I'll keep weblogging whether it's popular or not.

Someone wrote me yesterday and said I haven't been doing my best work lately. He wants me to write more essays of the "Dear xxxx:" style and less of the just linking to other people's work kinda weblogging.

He's absolutely right that I've been content light lately. My life is in extreme chaos. I'm learning that when you're undergoing stress and radical life changes, it's really hard to teach something. But, I'm looking for opportunities and we'll see if I'll write a few more educational rants soon.

See, this is a problem with writing every day. I only have something smart to say once a month. The rest of the time I keep writing for myself and to keep my hands used to the idea that they are supposed to type words.

I use this weblog for a variety of purposes, but lately it's just to keep track of useful stuff on the Internet that I might want to look at later. Believe it or not, I use Google to find links that I've put on my weblog in the past. For instance, when I need plumbing supplies, I just search Google for "scoble plumbing supply" and up comes my weblog where I talked about a plumbing supply place.

Here, watch how this works: Last night Maryam and I found a great Iranian restaurant about two blocks from where we're staying in Redmond, Washington. I'll bet that this weblog shows up in Google within a week or so.

Now, keep in mind, this restaurant is NOT IN GOOGLE YET. Go ahead, search for "Iranian restaurant Redmond" and see if you find it on the first page of links. It's not there.

Will "the Register" help this restaurant out? No they won't. It's up to a lowly weblogger like me, who, due to a "flaw" in Google's algorithm has the ability to tell the world about cool new sites.

If you visit Alborz, try the Fesenjon. It's delightful.

Oh, did you just realize that this weblog is nothing more than metadata for Google to use? Yeah, you'd be right. Google figured out how to get people like me to go around and look at websites and add meta data about those websites. How did Google do that? By giving us power. Think about it. That's how Google pays us back for the work we're doing to improve its index.

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