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Daily Permalink Friday, May 30, 2003

Personal note to Mary Jo Foley: Fresh Meat for your Microsoft blogger list!

Yeah, that blog belongs to Matt Carter, who's now running developer books for MSPress. At least he was as of 5 p.m. today. He tells me there's a reorg underway.

If you're an author type, he's the blog to read. Or the guy to see at TechED next week.

Eric Rudder, senior vice president at Microsoft blogs again: "I am a real person."

Who's weblog is doing the best job for Microsoft? I've been meeting with dozens of developers (both inside and outside Microsoft). Really hard core code slingers. By far the name that I hear the most often is Chris Brumme. That guy is doing a weblog that is way and above the rest. He makes my brain hurt. If you understand what he's doing, you're probably among the top 1% of developers anywhere.

Maryam and I spent a wonderful geeky evening together. First we had dinner with Joshua Allen and his wife. Wonderful Chinese place named Shi Lin in Bellevue. Definitely will be going back there.

It was nice to finally meet Joshua. Especially since I gave him major s++t about SmartTags a few years back. Really smart guy, really smart and nice wife (who also works at Microsoft) and a totally cute daughter.

But, then we headed to Victors for coffee. This place is the best. Sorry Chris, it kills Peets. If for no other reason than the help is helpful and the coffee has character.

So, what's geeky about this evening? Well, at Victors there was a band ripping up the joint when we walked in. Sister Monk Harem. I love small bands with talent. This one deserves getting spread around on the weblogs and some GoogleJuice. Certainly better than "Wing", which is what Chris Pirillo seems to be listening to. Chris, how do you find something that bad? And why do you point to it? Yikes.

Anyway, go listen to some of Sister Monk Harem's songs. Go ahead, it won't hurt you. Hey, Robert, can we hire these guys to play at the PDC? They work cheap, they say. It's nice to hire a talented band before they get discovered.

Still not geeky enough for you? OK, how about this? Their site is done by William T. Radcliffe. He was taking pictures of the band. He has the same camera I do (a Nikon 5700). He did the whole site in FrontPage. Nice clean FrontPage site.

We started chatting about photography and I realize that he knows a whole lot more about photos and technology than I'd expect from a guy shooting an undiscovered band. Turns out he's the director of technology development for Corbis.

OK, now I'm geeking out. A geek who's really into photography.

If you don't know about Corbis, that's Bill Gates other company. They own the rights to millions of images from thousands of photographers. They have about 900 employees. If you need an image, you'll probably deal with Corbis at some point.

We geek out about cameras. He says he loves his Nikon, but wants one of the new Canon DSLRs. He says the images that Corbis is getting off of the newest Canons are better than film.

William isn't the only geek I saw today either. Maybe I'll tell you about meeting Norvin Leach in line while waiting for lunch today. He's the guy who used to write Spencer the Katt for PCWeek. Wacky. Hope you're all having a geeky great Friday evening.

Lots of changes in .NET Weblogs tonight. Scott Watermasysk now has his dotnetweblogs site hosted at Microsoft. More details coming, but he has a new URL now. Looks good -- this site has become more and more important to me as I've tried to keep up on the .NET world (and learn C#).

Also, DotNetJunkies now has some weblogs as well and are offering to let you start a .NET-centric weblog too. Good stuff.

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