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Daily Permalink Monday, May 26, 2003

Slightly Bent: "Is IE dead?"

Um, here we go off into NDA land. Do I answer the question transparently? And get wacked on the hand (or worse) because I've talked about something that isn't public yet? Or, do I ignore the question? Microsoft's perception has been suffering lately because folks can't get answers to their questions quick enough.

I was hired because of my weblog, but I want to get some help from management (and make sure my answer is accurate) before I go off half cocked here. Seeya tomorrow.

I went to elementary school with this blogger, but I don't remember her, which is very embarrassing, since she remembers me. Of course, she thought I broke my arm back then (I didn't). So thankfully she doesn't remember things that well. Whew. But, it's weird to be reconnecting with people from my past because of my blog. To tell the truth, I don't remember all that much from my time at Eaton Elementary School in Cupertino.

John Bush over at the win_tech_off_topic mailing list says the 500mb "Half Life 2" video download is worth it.

Geneaology of computer languges. I'm sure I'm late to the blogosphere with that one, but what the heck, I was away from blogs for the past three days.

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