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Daily Permalink Sunday, May 18, 2003

Dare Obasanjo, in my comments: "I really hope they find a way to remove bloggers from their index. Hopefully this will reduce a lot of the swollen headed preening that has started to dominate a number of the more popular blogs."

Heh, like mine?

Enough of the Google stuff. Doc has that covered anyway. Onto having a great afternoon with the wife. Hope your weekend is going great.

Thanks Anita for putting together last night's dinner and a movie shindig.

Wow, I get on Blogdex and a link in Tim O'Reilly's weblog in the same day.

In my quest to better understand Google, I did a simple search. You might even perform a similar search if you come and visit me in Seattle: "Good cocktails in downtown Seattle."

Now, the first thing I notice is that webloggers have taken over the first page. And not for the better.

Why? Look at the result set. Only one of the webloggers listed here is authoritative. Drinkboy. Why? Cause he writes about cocktails and knows his topic.

Hey, did anyone notice this is a good chance for me to brown-nose my boss? Yeah, he's the guy who does that site.

But, he's only #4 and the bar he recommends is only at the bottom of the first page.

So, can Google improve its index? Yes, but not by getting rid of webloggers, but by getting rid of webloggers who aren't authoritative.

How could Google do that?

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