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Daily Permalink Monday, May 05, 2003

Oh, geez, the Cinerama is sold out for the 15th. How about seeing it on Saturday night? That'd work better for me anyway cause then my wife would be able to come. I guess we better buy our tickets fast. I'll buy them in the morning. How about the 11:15 p.m. show? Maybe we could meet for dinner beforehand?

You know, in my short 38 years here on earth, I've learned over and over again that the folks who preach the loudest are usually the worst examples (thanks William Bennett for providing the latest example). Something for me to remember as I go off to Microsoft.

I'll be offline until Monday, when I start my new job. See ya then.

Oh, one last bit of business, we're gonna go see the 9 p.m. showing of the Matrix Reloaded on May 15 at the Cinerama in Seattle. Wanna come? Join us there.

Eric Norlin is going to WinHec. I wish I could go. He begs Microsoft to buy him a laptop. DUDE! If you're gonna beg, you gotta figure out that Tablets are way better than laptops. Hey, just helping the hype along. :-)

My friend Christopher is raving about this thing called Klip. I'll load it on my new Tablet that I'm getting next week.

Oh, I haven't talked about that yet. Turns out I'm getting a Toshiba tablet because the NEC wasn't available and wasn't on Microsoft's approved list. Turns out that Microsoft's security system requires a PC Card slot, something the NEC doesn't have. The Toshiba is nice, but I'm bummed not to have an NEC.

Ray Ozzie demonstrates why passion is so so important in the software industry. You know, a little excitement goes a long way. I think I'm gonna pay Sara Williams a visit.

Calling all Windows Media 9 freaks, there's a new skin that's awesome. So says Sean Alexander.

While I am getting moved up to Redmond to join the borg, my brother Alex goes off and gets a new job with one of Silicon Valley's top law firms -- Tomlinson Zisko. Its client list is real interesting. My brother will be running its IT department.

Of course, as soon as I heard this news, I bragged about it to Buzz, who said "oh, I went to law school with Richard Horning." Turns out Richard was the guy who interviewed my brother. What a wacky small world.

By the way, Alex had TWO OFFERS to choose from. Who said there aren't any jobs? His secret? He put his resume up on Craig's List. He says you MUST post your resume. Both of the jobs he was offered (he got another offer from that he turned down) were NOT ADVERTISED. The only way you'll learn about these jobs is to put your resume up on Craig's List.

I just looked at the weather report for Seattle and it's all gray. I gotta get used to this. It's weird. I'm down to my last 25 hours in California as a resident.

Three days without touching a computer. Just wanted to drop in and say hi. Translation? I got a heck of a lot of packing to do and needed a break from that. The weekend was awesome, except for that pesky rain. I hear it's the first time in 30 years that it's rained on May 3 in Los Angeles. Jennifer and Stu's wedding was awesome, though. Hey, Doc, I think the Gods are trying to prepare us for Seattle. It's rained a LOT here in Northern California April too -- although Murphy is having fun with us like usual. It's nice and sunny now.

Got together with Bill Lazar today for lunch and he told me about an Atkins marketing disaster underway. Seems they changed the formula of his favorite muffin mix, but didn't warn the customers that the new formula had much more carbs than the old one. By the way, Bill is getting married himself on Saturday. Congrats!

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