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Daily Permalink Thursday, May 15, 2003

Yeah, I saw the Matrix movie this morning. It exposed a bug in my programming. I wondered afterward whether I was inside Microsoft to expose a bug in its programming. Am I there to find the humans so they can be deleted? Well, you gotta come back for future weblogs to find out the answer.

Seriously, awesome imagery. It just shows how lame the Star Wars movies have become. The Matrix is pushing the boundaries of what we think of when we see movies. Lucas has gotten tired. Or something.

Who gives a screw about the plot? Go watch some French movie if you want plot. This is all about effects, violence, sex, code. In other words, it's a movie for geeks and it delivers. I can't wait to see it again Saturday night. The wife will hate it, though. I gotta lower her expectations so she enjoys it.

Julia Lerman is giving tips for new presenters. Good stuff. I highly recommend getting in front of people. One user group talk that I gave has already made me $50,000. One talk. (It got me the job at Winnov, along with a $10k per year raise). Think speaking doesn't pay?

I started my internal weblog where I have no readers. Hmmm. Microsoft employees: check out http://blog2. Sorry, if you don't work at Microsoft you can't see the internal blogs. Don't worry, you aren't missing much. All of our external blogs are far more interesting.

OK, I've been a bad weblogger. Haven't updated in 48 hours. But, I've been off eating like a pig. Last night I went to dinner with Keith Pleas. Tonight, James Avery and his wife. Matt Carter took me to lunch today. Whew. If I eat anymore, I'm gonna burst.

Matt, you need to start a weblog so I can link to you. Hey, you'd have 18 readers come and check out what you're doing. Since he isn't brave enough to write inane weblog entries, I'll tell you that he's managing developer books for MSPress. Of course, they are in the middle of a reorg right now, so who knows what he'll be doing on Monday?

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