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Daily link Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dave Winer posted an interesting podcast about the Apple story yesterday (he tried to predict what it means for developers) and today is linking to interesting bloggers.

Russell Beattie: your guesses are, according to my sources, wrong. I'm hearing to expect to see a low-end Mac running on Intel first.

But, you are correct that the Apple Developer's conference this year will be historic.

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Hello from Copenhagen airport where we're waiting to go onto London. Had a wonderful lunch today with Thomas Mygdal. What a conference he has planned.

Anyway, more IBM news. On Monday IBM will announce a Tablet PC.

Regarding the Apple announcement, several people are incredulous at my reporting. That's cool. I'm going to stay out of this until the announcement happens and let you all speculate as to how correct or incorrect I am. All I can say is that this is gonna be a darn interesting week in the technology industry. Hang on, major quaking ahead!

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