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Daily link Saturday, June 25, 2005

I'll repeat the Technorati Gnomedex tag again. There's a LOT of stuff on that page to check out.

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A note to Adam Curry: I'm honored to know you. I loved your keynote (the 200th Daily Source Code!) tonight. Can't wait to see what you do next, even if it is for Steve Jobs. :-)

His site might be a little slow. Everyone and their brother is trying to download right now.

Longhorn Team RSS Blog: Our welcome from (and to) the community.

Vic Gundotra: I'm a huge believer in RSS. Vic was involved in a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff (he's my boss's boss's boss and is a huge influencer on Microsoft's strategy).

Well, the red couch is back home (just got delivered). I'm back to Seattle. We're having a bar crawl, starting at the Zig Zag bar at about 10 p.m.

Note to Steve Gillmor: I'm paying attention. It took several years to bring RSS to Microsoft. Work is already underway on getting, um, other things into Microsoft.

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Dave Winer just reported that Microsoft listened to Phil Ringalda's concerns.

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Here's a bunch more feedback about the RSS announcements made yesterday:

Phil Ringalda: MS Embraces RSS. "Simple List Extensions: ouch. That crunching sound you heard was me getting bit on the butt, hard."

Dave Winer: Quick postscript on Microsoft Announcement. "I think Microsoft ought to read the feedback carefully, in Phil's post and what shows up elsewhere, and come up with a simpler way to do what they want to do. I think it's quite possible to do that."

Danny Ayers: MS RSS. Danny has a LOT of reactions. Worth reading.

Dare Obasanjo, who was on stage at Gnomedex yesterday, has a good summary.

InfoWorld: Microsoft decision to ship Longhorn with RSS draws applause.

Doc Searls: A bump, a fork or a widening of the RSS road?

Between the Lines blog on ZDNet: Death knell to Atom? Birth of an 'open' era for Microsoft?

Tao of Mac: Sunny Saturday. "The general tone of technical news these past few months shows that hypocrisy is rampant regarding obvious ideas - if Linux does something it's good, if Apple does it it's übercool, but if Microsoft catches on then they're evil - plus, of course, some obscure idiot tries to patent it and sue everybody."

Sam Ruby: Simple List Questions.

Eric Freeman, on O'Reilly: Longhorn loves RSS. "If you're scratching your hand thinking "so what? I can do all this on my Mac now," you'd be in sync with most of the audience. That said, there is a bit more to the story: what Microsoft has done is essentially build an RSS aggregator into the OS and expose API's that any application can make use of to produce or consume RSS. That's a little more interesting (and perhaps would have made for a more interesting talk and discussion)."

Richard MacManus: Microsoft Embraces and Extends RSS. "My initial impression is that this is indeed very big - possibly even Microsoft acknowledging that RSS is to Web 2.0 what HTML was to the Web in the 90's."

Paul Colligan: Don't delete or ignore podcasting, Microsoft.

David Coursey, in eWeek: RSS: It's Not Just for Bloggers Anymore. "To understand the significance of Microsoft's announcement, it's helpful to forget what you think you know about RSS."

Duncan Riley: Microsoft and RSS: who cares?

Kim Peterson, in Seattle Times: RSS delivery system wins over Microsoft.

Jay Greene in BusinessWeek: Microsoft Crashes the RSS Party.

Shelley Powers: Microsoft, RSS, and CC. In all the excitement, I’ve noticed that not many people have talked about whether IE 7.x will also detect Atom or RSS 1.0. My reply? Yes, the aggregators Microsoft builds will read in all formats.

Stephen O'Grady: Microsoft and the ... Creative Commons? "The announcement itself did include one interesting provision - the use of the Creative Commons license. This is an excellent decision by Microsoft."

PC World's Techlog, by Harry McCracken: RSS will be big in Longhorn. "The technology has the potential to be a powerful, universal means of automated communication between applications (both Web- and desktop-based) of all sorts. This news from Microsoft could help make that happen."

The Unofficial Microsoft Weblog: Cool!

Jo Twist, BBC News: Microsoft makes web feeds easier.

Steve Rubel: the Day RSS Turned Pro. Nice shoes Dean!

Rick Klau: Thoughts on Day 1 from Gnomedex. "As for Microsoft’s announcement, it’s not quite the “Bill Gates is coming to Gnomedex to announce they’ve bought the Internet” kind of announcement that was rumored… but quite significant nonetheless."

Head Lemur: the funny smell.

Rick Segal: Day One Observations. "Microsoft is is doing what they do best which is plumbing. Ignore the anti/pro Microsoft debates, waste of your time."

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Yesterday someone asked something like "how can I give Microsoft feedback about the new RSS extensions?" I yelled out "Channel 9 has a wiki." And, sure enough, today, someone has created a wiki page for the extensions. Go to town, we're watching!

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Maryam and I were just burnt this morning. The last few weeks have just been a lot of traveling and working and not enough staying in our own house, or in our own bed. So, we slept in and won't be at the conference until this afternoon. I'm so mad, though. Julie Leung is on stage and I'm listening to her over the live Gnomedex webcast and she's on fire. You can HEAR the audience eating out of her hand. I can't see her pictures. But you can hear the audience paying attention. The emotion in the room is coming through my wife's laptop speakers.

Congrats Julie. After she finished Chris Pirillo told the audience that it was the best session he's seen at any Gnomedex.

Update: Maryam and I are at Gnomedex now.

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