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Daily link Thursday, June 23, 2005

Joi Ito just announced that Technorati shipped its Live 8 site.

What is Live 8?

Live 8 is a series of concerts and events across the world which are being staged to highlight the problem of global poverty.

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Just got back from hanging out with the Longhorn Browsing and RSS team. They made some cool shirts. Can't wait to wear mine tomorrow. I'm sure there'll be a photo or two on Flickr pretty quickly. By the way, a few reports I've read so far are thinking this is an IE-only thing. It's not. We'll talk more about what it is tomorrow. I am trying to get the video done, which basically takes you through what's being announced tomorrow and shows several demos.

By the way, tagging is already being used to report on Gnomedex events. The tags to watch are here:

Gnomedex; Gnomedex2005

Oh, the RSS team isn't the only one working on stuff. The Anti-Spyware team today released a new beta build. Works great here!

Watch the IE blog tomorrow for more details on the news. Also Channel 9 should be getting the video. All that stuff should start coming at about 10:30 a.m. Pacific Time. See ya then!

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Well, one way to make sure I don't post is to take me off to Orcas Island for two days. No cell phone. No broadband. But it was really great to hook up with my coworkers and do some bonding. Hopefully the pictures will never make their way to Flickr. ;-)

In the meantime, Dave wrote a post (about some of Microsoft's announcements coming tomorrow) that I saw while whale watching: Microsoft, lists, RSS and me.

It's caused quite a stir. I'm off to interview the RSS Team here at Microsoft and get the full scoop for Channel 9'ers. It's gonna be a late night.

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