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Daily link Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Dare Obasanjo: "This definitely complicates my plans for adding podcasting support to RSS Bandit."

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My comments are down again. Sorry. I'll work on getting them up but truth is I'm not missing them when they go down. I get more work done in an hour of comments being down than in an average day.

I think there's a lesson there somewhere.

Sorta like when David Weinberger says "I'm not reading Scoble anymore." OK, he didn't really say that. More like "I'm not reading anyone anymore."

But, of course, we're all still reading David. So, now that he's not reading us we can talk smack behind his back and he'll never find out, right?

Of course David might just have switched to vblogging. He caught me and a bunch of other people when he was doing a vblog for CNET at the SuperNova conference last week.

Either way, I need a vacation just to catch up with my email. I'm ignoring a lot of important stuff.

What kind of stuff?

Well, Greg Reinacker tells me to watch his blog. Tomorrow morning he'll release a new version of NewsGator.

Google released Google Earth today. Very cool 3D view of the world.

Kevin Briody talks about internal blogging at Microsoft. Yeah, I've let my internal blog go unfilled too. We just have such a strong email culture here that's gonna be hard to overcome.

Beth Goza sent over the leet speak generator. Now we can all talk like 14-year-old geeks.

My son is on the phone with me saying "oh my God" about the new Apple iPods that were announced today. "It's only $50 more with a color screen." Then he blew me away and said "podcasting is free on it." My son is such a geek. Of course he didn't even know that Dave Winer invented the enclosure tag which is what makes podcasting possible. Heh. He is such an evangelist too. Is already pitching me on why I'd be cool if I pitched in the money: "this changes everything." Bill Dettering, over on ReplayRadio, reviews Apple's new iTunes.

Dave Winer is talking about Apple's new podcasting RSS extensions.

Scott Collins is the evangelist for Trolltech's QT, a C++ application framework, that he says they've spent a lot of time integrating it into Visual Studio.

Looking for a little browser you can stick on your blog? Here you go.

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Jean Paoli, co-creator of XML, dropped by my office this morning with his trademark mischievious grin. "My team invented XMLHttp in 1998" he told me. Then he went on to explain why they invented that technology and that he thinks it's great that developers are discovering it now that it has a sexy name -- AJAX. Basically it was invented for the Outlook team to build a Web-based version of Outlook (which I use a lot).

Scott Guthrie explains that and more, and covers what the new Atlas project is designed to do.

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Charles Fitzgerald: From browse to search to subscribe.

Charles is general manager of platform strategy at Microsoft.

He's in the news today too. Microsoft gets hip to AJAX.

"The company is building software, code-named Atlas, that provides developers with tools designed to ease creation of AJAX-style applications. An early version of the software will be made available to developers at the company's Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles in September.

Yeah, baby! First RSS. Now AJAX. And it's just barely Tuesday morning here on the West Coast. What's next?

I have a feeling we'll be reading about more of what's next on Charles' new blog.

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