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Daily link Thursday, June 09, 2005

The IE Blog is rocking. Today they posted a post clarifying low-rights IE.

Is that a hint of what's coming. Yes.

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Mike Hall is videocasting from TechED (put this feed into your podcatching client). Here's an HTML version.

TechED is Microsoft's conference for IT and developer types.

In particular, Mike recommends this one, with Don Box.

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Announcing Microsoft Acrylic. "Acrylic" is the codename for an innovative illustration, painting and graphics tool that provides exciting creative capabilities for designers working in print, web, video, and interactive mediums.

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So, the Google and MSN teams have some real competition: Well, sorry, only in Switzerland. I'm sitting here with the developer. He says he actually had AJAX support before Google.

Bernhard Seefeld, blog here, is the developer. This thing is awesome. Zoom in. Click on a parking lot. It shows you how many spaces still are open in that lot. Click on a webcam. See a live webcam.

And a lot more. I am telling MSN to buy his company before Google does. Heh.

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Larry Larsen, who works at Poynter Institute (think of that as the R&D arm of the newspaper industry): The Future of News (talks about Google's future plans).

Hello from Microsoft's campus in Denmark. Hanging out with a bunch of developers using .NET to build some stuff none of us can talk about yet. They are all wondering how Maryam and I got so lucky with the weather. They say it's only sunny a few days of the year. It's stunningly beautiful here today.

"This is executive visit weather," they joked with me. Heh!

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Ever wonder about the folks who make Microsoft mice and keyboards? We're taking you on a four part tour over the next few days. Part I is up now.

Over on Channel 9 there's a ton of PDC news. There's a new flair for people who are going to the PDC to put on your blogs. There's a new contest for a blogger to win a ticket and some cash to attend the conference (I think that's the first time my face has been on a Channel 9 video). There's a new PDC section on Channel 9. Jeff Sandquist also hints that we have a new Channel 9 member. I'm proud to announce that we've hired Beth Goza. This is gonna be fun. She's a major geek. But, then, she better be. Her husband is Phillip Torrone, the guy who writes for Make magazine.

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Adam Weinroth, as linked to by Steve Rubel, analyzes a few blogs content styles, including mine.

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Dave Winer is a media hacker! Heh! Hi Dave, we're here in Copenhagen hanging out with the geeks talking about all the media hacking you do.

Me? I just am a guy lucky enough to walk around the software world's biggest company with a camcorder. Off to visit the Microsoft team in Vedbæk.

Oh, and big news is happening around Gnomedex. Chris just told me that they've effectively sold out (might be one or two more tickets, but you better act today if you wanna get in).

Also, I hinted at the geek dinner the other night that Microsoft is, indeed, announcing something at Gnomedex. Kosso, who is also a media hacker, caught wind of my "tease." I wonder if anyone will figure out what the news is?

Well, that's enough from vacation. Off to enjoy the media hacking world of Reboot. There are definitely a lot of media hackers here. You should catch the Reboot podcasts that Nicole is doing. She calls it the "Preboot." She's a media hacker too. Wish you were all here.

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