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Daily link Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Day in the Life is reporting that MSN is only blocking the words democracy and freedom in the name of a blog, the post title, and the URL, but NOT in the body copy.

Hmmm. So much for the censorship charge if this is true.

I still am having trouble finding out just what the Chinese version is blocking, and where it's blocking it. I should have stayed out of this. Someday I'll learn. ;-).

Speaking of which, if I say f*** does anyone here not know what I'm saying? So, is it censorship if you still can get your point across?

Update: Dare Obasanjo, who works on the MSN Spaces team (I don't) has more details on his blog.

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So, there's more about the Hive. ActiveWin has an interview with Josh Levine, group product manager for the Windows Client Community Group, where he talks more about the Hive (a new community joining site).

I am now a member of the Hive.

Aaron Coldiron, another guy who is involved in running the Hive, gave me more info about how the Hive will or won't use RSS. He told me the Hive conversations are private, for members only, which is why there is no public RSS. The Hive members will get private, protected RSS feeds along with some other enhancements to the beta site over the next couple of months. Cool. Can't wait to subscribe.

3:54:48 PM    comment 

Rick Segal: Sometimes it's hard to be an American.

Someday I'll get the writing talent that Rick has. Good stuff.

1:17:04 PM    comment 

Ahh, the Canadians are podcasting or WMAcasting or whatever. Man, everyone has a point of view on what this stuff should be called. Anyway, introducing community radio at MSDN Canada.

11:02:24 AM    comment 

Walt Mossberg, in the Wall Street Journal today (free link today), wrote a nice review about blogs (said that MSN Spaces is best for his needs between Yahoo and Google's blogs) and revealed that he has an MSN Spaces blog here. Unlike his day job, this one focuses on baseball. Walt is one of the most powerful people in technology journalism. Congrats to the MSN Spaces team!

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