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Daily link Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I know my comments are down. Dave is traveling so that server will get rebooted sometime soon. I'm traveling today and tomorrow and will be offline. I do have my cell phone back.

Some quick hits: Kevin Schofield set the record straight about our supposed BitTorrent killer.

The PDC is selling many times faster than last time around. It's looking like it's going to sell out very quickly. First TechED sold out a month before it was held. Now the PDC is gonna sell out again. Who said conferences were dead? Looks like the Channel 9 guy is taking a PDC05 Road Trip.

See ya Thursday night. Don't mess up the house too much before I get back.

8:28:22 AM    comment 

To Tony Perkins of Always-On and Dave Sifry of Technorati: thanks for the honor of being included in the AO/Technorati Open Media 100.

The honor belongs to my coworkers who do the real work around here. Me, I just type fast.

8:21:22 AM    comment 

Sorry Dave, my middle name is Walter. My parents didn't forsee RSS becoming a phenomenon. Sigh. Maybe I should change my middle name to "Simple." Robert Simple Scoble. I like that. I agree with Blake Ross. We need more simplicity in our lives.

As I go around Microsoft that's my new theme: what are you doing to make our lives simpler?

7:49:29 AM    comment 

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