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Daily link Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hey, cool, Hugh put up a wiki about the London geek dinner last night and there's tons of reports, photos, and even some podcasts from the dinner.

Thanks everyone for coming. I made a lot of new friends, found some new blogs, and had a lot of fun meeting everyone.

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Here's a pic of me "Punting on the Cam." Thanks to Austin Donnelly for teaching me to punt (he's the one in the punt, which is a squarish boat -- very traditional and fun thing to do while in Cambridge). He is a graduate (I believe they call them "fellows") of Pembroke College.

When people ask me why I blog, it's experiences like this. How many people in the world have one of the world's leading software researchers take you out for a fun afternoon in the sun punting down the Cam?

And that wasn't the only great experience I had this week.

But, I'll leave all that for a future Channel 9 video.


Punting is a lot harder than it looks. It requires the balance of a surfer. Step one inch too far and you'll lose your balance and fall into the river.

By the way, as you're punting down the river you pass some of the most spectacular colleges I've ever seen.

Thanks to Mitch Goldberg and Peter Key and the other researchers who put together my tour. I think we'll have some fun Channel 9 video to share in a few weeks.

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My wife and I are on vacation here in Europe and having an awesome time. We are having so many awesome experiences. I'll write about some of them later. Tonight I'm having dinner with some of the Reboot speakers, including the guy who invented Ruby on Rails. Thomas was bragging about that as being the biggest thing to hit programming in the past few years.

Got so many geek things going on. What a vacation! Geeking across Europe. Later I'll tell you how a Microsoft Researcher took me "punting on the cam." Do a search on that. Lots of fun and FAR harder than it looks.

The geek dinner last night was unreal. 118 geeks showed up. I gotta get some time in my aggregator cause I'm sure there's a blog or two about it out there. Here's the first one: Hugh Macleod. We went drinking until the wee hours of the morning. What a vacation!!! And Hugh gave me an original drawing. I'll treasure that forever. Thanks Hugh!

Well, hope you're having a great week.

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Yikes, I've been offline for more than a day and find my comments are down. Sorry about that. I also made a few mistakes.

The link I made in the post just before this one was to Christopher Jablonski's writings, not Steve Gillmor's. Sorry about that.

Also, the new Lenovo Tablet PC's number is the X41, not the T41.

Shoot me, I'm supposed to be on vacation. :-)

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