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Daily link Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm sitting next to Identity Woman (aka Kaliya) and she showed me Grafolicious. That lets you search a URL and see how many users are pointing toward that site. Wow. Got anything else to show me Identity Woman?

"Do you know about trendlines on Blogpulse? You should go and look at your trendline there."

11:23:23 PM    comment 

Wired News via Memeorandum: Chinese Blogger Slams Microsoft.

11:07:59 PM    comment 

I'm being interviewed by John Furrier for His podcast is awesome. You should hear what New York Times' journalist John Markoff admitted on his podcast. I wonder what he'll get me to admit. Hmmm, will I have a job tomorrow? Lots of famous tech names on this.

8:01:28 PM    comment 

While I was speaking on a panel here, Tantek Celik announced Marc Canter is here. Marc, what's up with Microformats and why is it important?

"Ever since Anil Dash wrote about the microcontent client many of us have had a vision of specialized browsers that understand structured content. Microformats is the latest effort to define that structured content."

"It proves that we need to keep structured content intact so that we can index, search, refine stuff that's meaninful to us. These blog posts are just a chunk of text. By keeping something as a review, event, or media you can do special things with it. That's all. That's the human version."

6:12:04 PM    comment 

Steve Gillmor, you might not be an evangelist, but you are a convincer and a connector. You convinced me that much of that stuff you mention (RSS, attention.xml, OPML, etc) is important and you connect me with the important people who are working on this stuff.

That's all I'm trying to do too.

5:59:30 PM    comment 

A bunch of quick blog hits:

Jeff Sandquist is holding a treasure hunt to see if you can find out what was in his office when he got back from a business trip today.

Roy Osherove has a unique entry in the "Blog'n my way to the PDC" Channel 9 contest. Got me to learn something about regular expressions.

My friend Byron sent along a few. First, his company Clip-n-Seal is providing bags to NASA. That's cool to have a product go up into space.

Second, he found a trumpet company that's blogging. Man, there are blogs on everything now!

Third, here's three blogs from the Virtual Worlds session at Supernova: -- Terra Nova is a collaborative weblog experiment. It is about an emerging social phenomenon called "virtual worlds" -- computer-generated, persistent, immersive, and representational social platforms. -- a blog about the Second Life Virtual World (people pay real money for virtual things in this game, I can't even conceive of doing that).

5:44:02 PM    comment 

Blog Herald has a nifty list of blog networks.

These are things like weblogs Inc, which includes blogs like Engadget.

Why do networks matter? Advertising.

The bigger networks will be able to sell advertising and pay their member bloggers.

Speaking of which, there's a session on right now at Supernova where they are talking about advertising in video games.

There's a company, Massive Incorporated, which does nothing but sell product placements in video games.

And that's only a small piece of what they are talking about.

5:12:48 PM    comment 

Here's an RSS feed I'd like. How about a "Wikipedia term of the day?" Here's one for today: Virtual Economy.

Bill Barhydt is here at Supernova talking about the Virtual Economy that his company, Sennari, is building for Vodaphone cellphone users. They are building a series of games and other services where you can earn "bling" and use that to play other games. Wild. I want some bling.

4:46:45 PM    comment 

If you are launching a new product you probably want to include on your Web site a movie about what it does. TechSmith's Camtasia is the one I hear most recommended and they are soon to release their third version, info on that here.

What's your favorite screen capture program?

That reminds me to check into the BlogCast Repository, which is where there's a bunch of screen-captured technical videos. What's your favorite technical video captured with a tool like Camtasia?

2:19:33 PM    comment 

Just saw this over on Mary Jo's site. Chris Jones, Microsoft corporate vice president, gave a lengthy interview about Longhorn. Part I; Part II.

2:12:21 PM    comment 

Web developers: ever wonder how to do Flickr-style image maps on photos? Here Frank Manno shows how to do it with CSS and XHTML. Cool.

1:39:07 PM    comment 

Pete Blackshaw, speaking here at Supernova, who used to work in marketing at Procter and Gamble (now works at Intelliseek), says that P&G wasted a lot of money by focusing on the bell curve of the market. He recommends instead to focus on the influencers since they drive what the bell curve will buy in a couple of years.

Another thing that caught my ear? People who actually use a product and talk about it have disproportionate influence in the marketplace. Now, that might sound self evident, but what these two things said to me is that you MUST get influencers to try your product if you are going to have any chance to succeed. Hint: Peter doesn't just look at A-list bloggers as influential.

We were talking here during lunch and I said repetition is important to get something on my radar screen. I don't pay attention to something only if one blogger (even one I highly trust) tells me to. But, if 10 do? Yeah! The Los Angeles Times story, for instance, wasn't on my radar screen until I saw lots of people writing about it.

That's another hint: if you want to influence blogs you must get a lot of bloggers to write about you. Not just those on the A-list.

1:25:43 PM    comment 

I4U News: Three new iRiver Players. Heh, I was in the Apple San Francisco store just yesterday. My son really wants an iPod. I told him to start looking around cause there's a slew of new devices coming out that he should at least consider. It mostly fell on deaf ears due mostly to Apple's marketing and momentum. "All the cool kids at school have iPods," he told me.

Gizmodo has more. So does eHomeUpgrade.

11:07:56 AM    comment 

Scott Hanselman has an awesome list of his favorite 120 developer and power tools.

10:31:25 AM    comment 

Marc Canter kicks off a big week of blog-related announcements with

I already have a ReBlogging tool, but this might be useful for everyone else. I sure wish developers would give us a video demo when they announce new products, though. Normal people are gonna visit this page and not figure out what it's good for. An opportunity is wasted.

10:25:08 AM    comment 

SkypeJournal: Ten Billion Minutes Served.

Stuart Henshall of Skype Journal is here at Supernova and is sitting in the workshop right across from me. Hi Stuart!

10:00:15 AM    comment 

I'm here at Supernova listening to Stowe Bowd talking about social media. Hot topic being discussed over bagels this morning? Google's potential entry into online payment service. The Unofficial Google Weblog is talking about that too.

9:52:14 AM    comment 

Ed Bott talks about a report, on Neowin, that Microsoft will release an update to Windows Media Center in August.

9:48:10 AM    comment 

Jeff Jarvis points at the Los Angeles Times and wonders why they pulled down their new wiki editorial experiment. I thought that was an interesting use of wikis.

Update: Chris Anderson, of Wired Magazine, has more in a post titled "to fork or not."

I've been thinking more about this. If I send my opinion in somewhere I don't want someone else to be able to change it, ala on a wiki. Blogs work much better for this kind of thing.

Wikis are better for projects, not for opinions. A wiki would be an excellent way to report on a single topic, though, not for opinions. Imagine a city council meeting where all the participants were able to build notes on a wiki? That would be a good use of wikis.

Update 2: More links:

Poynter Online -- Almost Immediately, LA Times Pulls Wikitorials.

Techdirt: LA Times Suprised That People Are Jerks Online.

Unmediated: Almost Immediately, LA Times Pulls Wikitorials.

Many-to-Many: Wikitorial Fork.

TechBlog: LA Times nukes its wikitorials.

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