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Daily link Friday, June 24, 2005

One more post before I head to dinner:

WallStreetReporter: interviews my ex-boss at Winnov, Olivier Garbe. Nice to hear from him. Winnov is doing some killer stuff with video.

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Whew, lots of reactions to the RSS announcements. Here's the "RSS in Longhorn" on MSDN page.

Microsoft Monitor: the What, the How, the Why.

Creative Commons: Microsoft Releases RSS extension under CC-BY-SA license.

Darren Barefoot: Notes from Gnomedex.

Dave Winer linked to some of the professional reports from Business Week, eWeek, and BBC.

Rex Hammock has some cool pictures and notes. Caught Steve Rubel showing off the RSS Team Jacket. (it says "Browse, Search, Subscribe").

Speaking of Steve Rubel, Steve told Microsoft to be careful on his blog and gave other reactions.

Michael Gartenberg says that first complaints are off base. "There is no fork in the spec here. What worked before will still continue to work."

Search Views says: "This is a great move for Microsoft, and its good to see a major corporation listening to those in the community for once."

Ed Bott: Wow!

Mary Jo Foley has two reports: Microsoft to make RSS part of Longhorn and More takes on Microsoft's RSS plans.

The Weblogs Inc. crew is blogging Gnomedex.

Paul Thurrott: Microsoft Announces RSS Support in Longhorn, IE 7.

Tristan Louis doesn't like how we implemented lists: "Microsoft gets an A for embracing RSS, another A for using namespaces (instead of creating a new version of RSS) and releasing their extension under a Creative Commons license, but gets an F for poor research in terms of introducing a new format."

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Nick Finck, over on Digital Web Magazine, says Microsoft is going to take RSS five steps backward.

I disagree. The extension is being released into Creative Commons. It follows the RSS 2.0 spec. It's an extension. Hey, Nick, can you watch the Channel 9 video and see if you change your opinion? In specific, watch the Amazon demo. You can't do stuff like that with RSS today. We needed an extension. Also, we are not the first big company to release an RSS 2.0 extension. Yahoo released its MediaRSS extension.

11:28:11 AM    comment 

I just posted the hour-long interview I had with Microsoft's Longhorn Browsing and RSS team. More shortly after the announcements get made.

10:29:24 AM    comment 

We're at Gnomedex and Dave Winer is about to take stage. The conference is being streamed live (Click the "Live Show" link at the top of that page). There's a Wiki with a ton of additional info.

This is the first conference I've been to where almost every single attendee is using a computer.

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