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Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Nigel is an ex-webdesigner who is blogging and painting his way around Europe for two years. He's in Amsterdam now.
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Perfect for the iPod at home or in the car: iRock is a small device you connect to an audio source that it then broadcasts on one of four FM frequencies so you can receive it on any radio. 300mw should be enough (if placed strategically) to feed an entire home. Ofcourse you can always start rigging antennas..
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I received a change of address from a friend in New York today. I was struck by the fact that folks in the US apparently still want to have different [phone] numbers for different locations. The cell-phone is only for when you're mobile. In Europe it is often the only phone a person has or uses. I know it isn't the price, since it's still more expensive here than in the States.
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Finally a moment for a quick post. Patricia and I drove up to Amsterdam this morning and are staying in th city tonite. Posting this from the xda. More later.
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