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Monday, July 15, 2002

Take me back to 1996 levels and call it the bottom. Today's rebound is just a hiccup.
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There are twice as many streams now on peercast. I love it! Decentralized streaming radio. No one to shut down.

This will be a revolution in distributing streaming data. I predict there will be networks of peers who will maintain hi-quality connections with each other and will place certain barrier to entry. This might be money, but more likely common interest and few hops.

But first it has to work on Macs and Linux boxes....

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This morning I renewed a few -about to expire- domain names and noticed verisign only lets you up to 9 years (at a 44% savings no less) but that appears to be the max.

I'm pretty sure I want my family to keep the domain name as long as it is relevant, which I bet will be more than 9 years. Should I write this in my will, or is there a registrar willing to quote me a price for a lifetime domain name?

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Congrats to the UserLand krew! Looks like Salon is going to be saved from demise!
Feast your eyes on the first SalonBlog.

Those guys are smart, smart smart! Thnx to tonie for the scoop.

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Timberrrrrrr! - Omnicom faces class action lawsuit over Accounting.

The suit charges chairman John Wren, who made an important investment in my company in 1995 when Omnicom was snapping up interactive companies left and right. He was always honest and very open with us in our business dealings and always ready to help. Sometimes he could be a real prick if he didn't get his way, some of that probably even wore off on us :-)

We never were 'owned' by Omnicom, because we took our company public in 1996 (well before the dot-com hype) and made him millions on his (smart) investment.

Unfortunately our brethern did not fare as well. Razorfish, and others stayed connected to the mothership, went public admidst the 'bubble', and skyrocketed, only to fall back to earth in heaps of molten crud, where assets were apparently written off in an off-book transaction vehicle known as Seneca.

Omnicom owns ad agency networks like BBDO Worldwide, DDB Worldwide and TBWA Worldwide as well as direct shops like Rapp Collins Worldwide, Targetbase and Direct Partners and are arguably the second lagest owner of Advertising service companies.

Oh yeah, Anderson used to do their accounting.
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Springsteen Protects His New CD's Online in an Old-Fashioned Way. Bruce Springsteen has thwarted prerelease of his music on the Internet not through digital protection or online policing, but with an old-fashioned lock-and-key approach. I'm listening to "The Rising" as we speak, someone ripped it somehow and I got it off the GNUtella network.

I think this 'old fashioned' approach will beget old fashioned results.

Instead I would suggestion seeding the market with good quality mp3s and lyrics. Make it easy for people to buy your CD (paypal would work for me). The NYT story compares the Boss' strategy to the unplanned leak and success story of Eminems' latest CD
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John Andrew Holmes. "Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both."
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Buckingham Palace: "There is no suggestion that Harry took any drugs."
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NewsNetWire is a newsreader for RSS feeds. Very slick. For OSX. You can subscribe to my weblog wih it as well, It's the first entry under 'Personal Weblogs'.

Radio users note: you can also import your mySubscriptions and any other OPML file that contains subscrition information.
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EyeTV turns an OS X machine into a PVR. Jim Heid digs into the capabilities of the about-to-be-released EyeTV, a $199 gadget that attaches to any Mac running OS X through a USB port and turns your Mac into a TV viewing and program recording device, much like a TiVo. about it in EyeTV Review on the Macintosh Digital Hub site... [Macintosh News]
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