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  Monday, February 10, 2003

Phil blogged last night!!! I've missed him.

He posted several pictures that he entered in the Fur Rondy amateur photo competition. My favorite is the mountain shot. His work is quite good. Peter and I will be sure to stop by the Sears Mall to check out his photos in person.

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I have my rectal skin biopsy tomorrow afternoon. It should not be a big deal - the doc is going to take just a small bit of tissue. However, since the biopsy is in a tres sensitive area, I'll just be very sure that he numbs the Slat Rat's rear end up to the wazoo so to speak.

Hopefully the biopsy will determine what the identity of my annoying skin disease. Then I can get an appropriate cream that will take care of the infernal itching and discomfort!

It will then be one down and three to go on my "Netherlands" front.

I'll be interested to know if my doc sees any improvement down there. The Imipramine has sure made a huge difference. I am hopeful that the Vestibulodynia has calmed down a bit.

8:22:26 PM    comment []

  The weather is soooo disastrous that the Iditarod re-start has been moved to Fairbanks! There's just no snow down here. But even more critical is that the normally frozen rivers are wide open water. Extremely dangerous and it would make no sense to attempt a race through that stuff.

I think the Fairbanks restart in it's own way, kind of neat. The Fairbanks route will follow the original serum run which will be a nice bit of history.

GCI (the company I work for) supplies all of the Iditarod's communications including satellite up-links so we started scrambling to plan for the new route today. The race begins in a little less than three weeks.

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