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Friday, August 9, 2002

No sailing today. Marco and Richard left this morning, under some drizzling rain. Alone again, for the next 6-7 days, with some good sailing ahead of me, if the weather cooperates. Planning to get going tomorrow morning, after a spot of shopping.
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Departure from Aberystwyth at 11:30. Arrival in Pwllheli at 8 PM (no, that's not a spelling mistake!) Distance: about 30 NM. Conditions: weak S wind for the first half of the sail, then E F2 to F6. Sailed when winds were strong, motored the rest. Rain for the second half of the sail.

No pictures today. Left Aberystwyth late, after a nice mellow breakfast in town. Set sail soon after motoring out of the harbour, and we decided it might be a good idea to do some fishing. Marco took responsability for the line, and low and behold - 4 mackerels in about 1/2 hour. 2 nice big ones, 2 medium. As he was bringing in the line, another bit, but got away. (Just had them poached, with Hollandaise sauce and potatoes - yummy!)

The wind today was a little more cooperative than it has been for a while, just not quite strong enough... Several times we were able to sail for a while with no engine, but because we had to get to Pwllheli tonight, we had to use the motor for some of the time. On arrival the wind really picked up, and we soon had too much sail. We kept it up, and had a good last 10 minutes heeling nicely.

Arrived quite soaked from the rain, and headed straight for the pub for a pint. We then came back, I prepared the mackerel, and had our delicious dinner.

Tomorrow Marco and Richard return to London, after a fantastic week together. Sad it has to end so soon, but this bodes well for future sailing trips! :)

Tomorrow's weather is strong wind - there is a gale in Ireland, and the strong winds are felt here. I'm going to stay in harbour, do some repairs, cleaning up, and hopefully some biking around (have to find a bike).
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