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From France to Scotland by sea.

Sunday, August 25, 2002

Departed Kinsale at 4:45 PM. Arrived in Sandy Cove at 6 PM. Distance: only a few miles. Conditions: sun, light breeze

Decided to skip town tonight, and avoid paying marina fees. Spent the morning in Cork, to catch up on email and update the site. Had lunch, came back to Kinsale, did some shopping, and by 4 were ready to go. Decided to head for Sandy Cove, a tiny little harbour only about 2 miles from Kinsale. We had been there by bike the day before, and it was just perfect.

Some beautiful trees opposite Kinsale

Once in Sandy Cove, B did some water colors and I did a little fishing (cought 5 tiny whiting, released them all, am trying to catch something other than whiting and mackerel!). Had a nice relaxing evening; were the only boat anchored. A real treat. Watch an incredible moon rise.
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