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Saturday, August 24, 2002

No sailing today. Logging in Kinsale.

My last log was written while at sea, on the crossing from Youghal to Kinsale. Simon and I had left Youghal at 3 PM, and we arrived in Kinsale at 12:30 AM...

Getting ready for night navigation is always quite exciting - we made some dinner (pasta), did the dishes, and cleaned up the inside of the boat; the idea being that at sea, at night, you want to make sure you don't have to spend 20 minutes looking for gear. As soon as the light started to get dim, we put our lifevests and foulweather gear, and watched the sun set...

Quite spectacular. Sadly the wind didn't see things our way, and stayed on our bow all day: our engine was on for the entire crossing.

Following the incredible sunset, we had the opportunity to watch an amazing moon rise. The moon was full, and at times Simon and I could see our shadows on the deck. We arrived in the night, and were greated by Eric and Babs, who took our lines as we arrived.

Had a nice drink on deck, and watched one of our pontoon neighbors get their dinner.

Yesterday, we stayed in Kinsale. Had a wonderful day starting with a full english breakfast, a walk around town, and an incredible bike ride to 1/2 way up the Old Head of Kinsale, a point of land that extends south. Although today my body is aching all over from the ride, it was really worth it; I highly recommend it!!! Here is a shot taken of the coast

After our ride we had walked in town, had showers, reserved a table at a little Restaurant, and sipped at a French cider until dinner. Watched the sunset, again... :)

Today, Simon and Eric left for Dublin, where their flight is taking them back to Paris. It's been a terrific week with them; doing the crossing from Wales was much fun; the only regret is that the winds to carry us fast weren't there, so we ended up doing a lot of motoring. It was sad to see them go this morning.

B and I bought the paper and made ourselves a yummy brunch on board. Today we are staying in Kinsale to get some rest, recover from the bike ride (in my case), clean up the boat, and explore the town a little.
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