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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

No sailing today. Holyhead, my current harbour, is completely fogged in, and I dont' fancy crossing the Irish sea blind... particularly with some very fast ferries doing exactely my route!

So today I rented a car, and went for a nice long drive, mostly around the island of Anglesey. Visited the town and castle of Caernarfon, went to Bangor, drove to the foot of Snowdonia park. They were all amazing, and well worth a visit. Wales is really quite gorgeous. However I must say the best time I had today was landing on the Anglesey fair, only about 20 minutes drive from Holyhead. I'd never been to a proper country fair, and I LOVED IT. Started by having a pork roll for breakfast - some roast pork and stuffing on a hamburger roll - absolutely yummy / sure beats hot dogs! Then I spent a good 2 hours wandering around the different areas: cows, horses, chicken, rabbits, and sheep. Each one of these categories were being judged and given prizes. Here are a couple of sheep I noticed, still in their stalls - their coats was an incredible red, the picture doesn't quite show it properly

Here is a picture of one of the judges - you can spot them because they are all suited up. The bowler hat only comes on when they are in the act of judging... very very fun to watch. And ALL the animals were incredible.

Am going to check the weather first thing tomorrow morning, and decide whether I will attempt the crossing. If not, I have the next day to sail over to meet up with Eric and Simon. If the weather doesn't get better by then, they will take a fast ferry and come and join me here.
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