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Monday, August 12, 2002

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No sailing today. Stayed in Holyhead, rested, walked, read the paper and my current book, had some "chicken and mushroom pie" for lunch, and some reheated curry for dinner.

Here is a picture I took today, in Holyhead. I was sitting on a bench, eating a whipped cream "eclair". I first noticed the butcher's on the right because of it's name... (Those who know Barbara will understand...) Then it struck me: the story of how these 2 butchers lived alongside each other must be the stuff of books. One claims to be a "family butchers", the other "high class family butchers". I wonder if the owners ever went to the pub together. I wonder how was there first. I wonder if they let their children play together...

As I arrived yesterday a nice man helped me with mooring the boat; today he and his partner invited me over for drinks on their beautiful First 405, and we spent a lovely time exchanging impressions of France (one of their favorite destinations) and English, Welsh and Irish sailing. As I told them I've been really touched by how welcoming the English have been; sailing around, and being greeted and made feel welcome makes a big difference, particularly when one is sailing alone. To both of them, many thanks!
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