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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

View from the deck, the east Irish coast.
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Logging at sea...

Didn't log on the 18th. Had a good motor-sail, from Dun Laorhaige to Arklow. Arrived after night fall, and sat around chatting until late. I then went for a walk in town to locate the train station, to go and pick Babs up at the airport. Too late to log after that.

Today, For one of the first times, I'm able to log while at sea. We left Arklow this morning at 9:30. We are currently about 1 mile off the south-east coast of Ireland, approaching Rosslare. We are planning to go around Carnsore point later in the day, hoping to make Kilmore Quay at some point this evening. The sea is like a mirror, the engine is ticking away, and all aboard are feeling the effects of a fantastic lunch: it's nap time (and log time).

Yesterday I picked up Barbara at Dublin airport - we spent most of the day taking buses and waiting for a missing piece of luggage... Arrived back in Arklow at 10 pm, had a nightcap, and went straight to bed. During that day Simon and Eric had a chance to discover everything Arklow has to offer (Guiness, snooker, a good restaurant) as well as purchase a fishing rod and spend at least part of the day attempting to catch one salmon, seen leaping out of the water. "It must of been 40 pounds!... well, maybed 15..." As I type we are fishing with 2 lines, and have already caught 2 mackerel today. I think all aboard are just itching to catch something other than mackerel!!!

This morning we left under gray skies - right now the sun has come out, and the crew is lying around reading... :)
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