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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

In Castletownshend. No sailing today.

Getting up this morning, discovered we were lost in a white blanket of fog. It has stayed with us all day, sometimes thinning, sometimes thickening. This is our view of the town from the deck

This morning, got up quite early, and read for a couple of hours. Finished V.S. Naipaul's "Half a Life"; so happy I got it - I thouroughly enjoyed it. B and I had a mellow breakfast, then paddled ashore to walk and discover Castetownshend. The town is built around one long, steep street that starts in the little harbour and heads up in the hills. Everything is covered in mist, and here the world is green! Everything seems to be growing well, and I've seen more fuchsias in this past week than I've ever seen. Here they all seem to be in full bloom!

Stopped by the little antique store, and saw a few nice things; had a fun conversation with the owner and a friend of his, who also owned an Antique store in Killarney. Neither seemed particularly Irish, and both had a good sense of humour. Quite a memorable visit.

Following our walk we had a superb pub lunch in the only pub in town (as far as we could see); probably the best pub grub so far - to be fair the pub was more a restaurant, and everything was super good. The bread was unbelieavable.

After lunch, decided we would stay here for the afternoon and evening, and only sail ahead tomorrow; hopefully the mist will have lifted by then. B is napping right now, and I've finally had time to balance my checkbook...
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