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Friday, January 03, 2003

John Edwards Needs the Web

If I was running the John Edwards campaign, I would get the Senator talking on the Web. For an idea of what his site might look like, check out Tara Grubb's video webblog.

John Edwards is a video-ready candidate, pretty to look at and smooth of tongue. Pushing short clips out over the Web would be a very cheap way of maximizing his exposure in this favorable format. Add a campaign weblog, and a talented candidate could make quick and frequent connections with voters.

Ross Myers of Policlicks.com has already contacted the Edwards campaign. "Roosevelt was the first president to use radio, and Kennedy used television. I think Edwards could be the person to grasp the Internet in a major way," says Myers.

Meanwhile, Howard Coble's site will soon add a Policlicks-based video message from the Congressman.

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