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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Buffalo South

People make a lot out of the fact that North Carolinians hibernate when it snows. Certainly the lack of snowplows and fear of driving in unfamiliar conditions keep a lot of folks inside. But for many of us, the first snow of the season is an excuse to sleep late and play with the kids. We recognize a good thing when we see it.

But today is the third snow of the season, so forget all that. People are out today (although the kids are off from school). I would have braved worse conditions, since my 6,000-word article at the copy desk suddenly needs an update because of breaking news.

Silver Lining

Maryland has a better basketball team than UNC this season--bigger, deeper, more experienced. Last night's game underscored those facts, as Carolina underscored the Terps. Yet all was not bleak for Tar Heel fans, thanks to the Woofpack.

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