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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Opinions and Lies

News & Record columnist Charles Davenport Jr. makes a stong if unintended argument in favor of a Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission with his ignorant (and unposted) article in this morning's paper. His basic premise: "let sleeping dogs lie."

Davenport Jr. is free to believe that because he's done thinking about the Klan gunning down five people on videotape and getting away unpunished that everyone else should be done, too, and he's free to express that nonthought in the vaguely threatening undertone of his chosen cliche.

As an opinion writer he can neglect to mention the role of federal agents and police informants in leading the Klan and Nazis to the rally, and the absence of police at the site of the killing, and he can make the implausible claim that he just doesn't understand why it matters that the attack happened in a black neighborhood.

But why does the N&R let him state fallacy as fact? It's an opinion column, not a license to rewrite history. Davenport Jr. writes: "Gunfire was exchanged...and because the marksmen from one group were superior to those from the other, the resulting casualties were 'lopsided.'" Actually, the "marksmen" from the Klan showed up with a trunkload of long guns and opened fire on a crowd armed with placards and a single handgun. 

Davenport Jr. seems not to have made a single phone call to discuss the project with anyone remotely involved in it. Hell, he already knows that the Commission speaks in "a tone that arises from and contributes to the distasteful Oprah-style feminization of history and polical discourse that we have come to expect from the political Left."

Maybe he'll read the report. He makes an excellent argument for his own need to do so.

All the Fake News Fit to Print

The Onion explains foreign affairs, then hits close to home with an article about one of my favorite pastimes: remembering the schwag of days gone by.

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