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Monday, January 27, 2003

Industry Analysts with Weblogs

This could be very useful to me. It’s a great commercial use of weblogs.

Weblogger Vanity Plate

Jim Capo reports seeing a personalized NC license plate reading “Blog.Man” here in Guilford County. Forgive Jim for getting a little excited—we aren’t the “blog capital of the world,” just the campaign blog capital of the world.

Our Team Lost

Elijah and I are Raider fans. I tried to set a good example by remaining upbeat but at one point I did throw a Nerf football at the TV screen.

Defense trumped offense, and Gruden mattered – but it was Tampa Bay’s clock-chewing, length-of-the-field touchdown drive in the third quarter that sealed the deal. Oakland was kept away from QB Johnson all night, and WR Johnson did a great Jerry Rice imitation on those short routes.

The officiating was bad (on the 2-pt conversion, the non-fumble on the kick return, the interference call on the uncatchable ball, and the Rice-out-of-bounds but the clock kept running play) but none of it mattered much. Ditto Oakland’s sorry timeout and challenge strategy.  

And the commercials sucked, too, except for the one with Willie Nelson, because it had Willie Nelson in it.  

Our Other Team Lost, Too 

Carolina fell on the road to State, despite a record night for Raymond Felton. If the Heels need to go 8-8 in the ACC to make the tourney, where are those 8 wins coming from?  

So far, they have beaten FSU on the road and Clemson at home, and lost at UVA and State and at home to Maryland. The surest path to 8 wins is to sweep FSU and Clemson, and beat State, Wake, UVA, and Georgia Tech at home. Any deviation from that route could mean they have to beat Duke at home, or get a win at Maryland, Wake, or Duke. There is little margin for error, so winning at Tech this week would be very very nice. 

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