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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Monet (That's What I Want)
Actually the Forbes family is hanging onto the Monet, but parting with its world-class collection of Victorian paintings. Is the need for cash related to big brother's expensive habit of running for president?
Feelings (Whoa-Whoa-Whoa)
This weekend I dropped Elijah off at a friend's house, and the friend's dad and I had a relaxed, animated conversation in the driveway. Of course we were talking about sports, the lingua franca of manly men everywhere. Then I read this great piece by King Kaufman about the intersection of sports and men's feelings. I guess I'm lucky to have more than sports as an emotional outlet. As a father, I am more emotionally open than my (beloved, loving) father ever was, but I still try to toughen Elijah up in ways that might strike people as old-school, if only for his own survival in the world of boys. Certainly some of the payback I get as a parent is the chance to express my more tender feelings--being a father is a chance and a challenge to be my best self. And when the kids become surly adolescents and the Tar Heels still suck...well, I've got insurance.
Who Needs OSHA?
Bidness gets done the old-fashioned way Texas.

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