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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Putting Weblogs to Work

The analysts at Jupiter Research have weblogs. I traded some email with Michael Gartenberg, a research director at the well-known Connecticut technology information company. "To my knowledge, we are the first and only major firm to do this (there might be some boutique shops that are as well but if so, they're off my radar)," he says.

He cut straight to one of the big questions facing blogging professionals, including journalists: "You can imagine the issue that we face of how we balance creating value in the blogs vs. what we charge our paying clients for. For me it's simple, this is another vehicle to extend our reach and we can easily separate the value of the client relationship vs. what the blog gives you. Ideally, we will get more clients because of the blogs not less."

I think that listening to experts riff is one of the most interesting blog-reading experiences. It's a way of filling in the gaps and giving a subject some texture and continuity. If the writer is really good, I don't even have to care about the area of their expertise.

You know what would be really cool? Wall Street analysts with weblogs. That would keep them honest.

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