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Sunday, January 26, 2003

W's Time Machine

"How far back can W reset the clock? Here are just some of the stops along his proposed retroitinerary." My newspaper column sketches Bush's reverse timeline for America.


Sean Gallagher writes about the inner editor employed by bloggers and in everyday life. "Sometimes, the editor is off getting coffee, and we don't think about what we're saying before it comes out...the results are often embarrassing, or hurtful, or come back to haunt us later, or all of the above in some combination."

It's like the old joke, where the preacher urges his flock to confess everything, to hold nothing back...until he hears one confession (by the third person, it's always the third person in a joke) so lurid and disgusting that the preacher says, "I don't believe I'd have told that."

I know there is a lot about my life I don't include in my weblog. Some of it is too boring to share, and some of it is too interesting.

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