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Sunday, January 19, 2003

Blogomancer: Buy My Sci-Fi

It marks a cultural moment of some sort that William Gibson's new novel commands the cover of the Times Book Review. Noncoincidentally, Gibson just started a weblog that would seem to represent a next step in the use of weblogs as marketing tools. All of which makes me want to reread Neuromancer.

"Why Not Now?"

In a brave and thoughtful editorial, the News and Record endorses the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission looking into the Klan-Nazi killings.

Clueless Media

Doc Searls on the paucity of media companies that are using the Web well. And I'm not just linking to this because the N&R hasn't posted my Sunday column yet.

Upset in Chapel Hill

Half of the top ten college basketball teams lost yesterday, including sixth-ranked UConn, which journeyed to Chapel Hill and got beat by UNC. Elijah and I were there in the raucous crowd of prosperous-looking white people, most dressed in at least one item of light-blue clothing, who helped urge the Tar Heels to victory over a more-talented team. It was a most satisfying afternoon, although Thad Williamson wonders how we will view it in March: "will this win be remembered as simply the highlight of the season, or as a trend-turning game that changed the season?" I think the UConn win will help push the Tar Heels into the NCAA tourney after they finish 8-8 in the ACC.

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