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Thursday, January 16, 2003

Trying to Understand a Massacre

In July, I wrote that an international group is investigating the 1979 killings of five people on the streets of Greensboro by the Klan and their neo-Nazi allies, who then went free although their deeds were captured on videotape. Now the local sponsors of that investigation have gone public with their plan. There is a lot of truth yet to be told about the Klan-Nazi killings, and the local group seems serious and sincere.

Like many people here, I used to think we had talked enough about this nasty bit of history. I wrote this column when I changed my mind.

The Patriot Will Return

Sources say that the Greensboro Patriot, the start-up weekly paper that put out just three issues and then disappeared, will resurface in early February, having jettisoned its old sales team and finally gotten around to hiring an editorial staff.

Single Fatherhood

Lisa has decamped for Arizona, where she will luxuriate at a spa with her sister for the next four days. Here at home, the kids and I are awaiting snow.

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