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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Brian Sweeting just announced the launch of the new Spanish Fork City portal site.  He's done a great job at putting it together and given a lot of consideration to the user interface.  I'll try to make sure that we give it some play on the Utah.gov site.  I'd like to see all towns the size of Spanish Fork put this kind of effort into their eGov presence.

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In a memo to state agencies, Utah CIO Val Oveson reconfirmed the State's commitment to website accessability standards.  The Utah State Library is supporting the effort by providing third party assessments of agency compliance and training for agency personnel.
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The New York Times mentions that the Treasury is planning to require that all savings bond purchases be made online.  They are also encouraging that existing bond-holders convert existing bonds into an internet account.  According to the Treasury's Peter Fisher, “Our goal is to transform the savings bond program from one based on paper certificates to accounts accessed safely, and conveniently over the Internet.”  I went to treasurydirect.gov to set up an account and try purchasing an EE bond online ($25 minimum), but the application wasn't working.  I'll try again later.  In the past, I have purchased bonds through a regular payroll deduction.  This is another great option.

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On Friday, Department of Homeland Security CIO Steve Cooper, when asked about state technologies being developed at the state level that might be leveraged by the Federal government mentioned that "Utah is working the wireless space, as is California and Washington."  We presented the Utah Wireless Integrated Network (UWIN) strategic plan to the cabinet two weeks ago and received a positive response.  A cross agency team continues to push the development of UWIN's multi-faceted approach that will highly leverage existing infrastructure to create a statewide integrated voice and data network that works in the 700 MHz, 150 MHz, 450 MHz, and 800 MHz space, as well as 802.11, and utilizes the state WAN and microwave infrastructure for transport.  Secure solutions have been developed jointly by the Department of Administrative Services and the Department of Public Safety.  Steve also mentioned that the department will be looking to simplify its environment as it develops its enterprise architectural plan and use more open source.

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